2019 China Social Impact Awards gala dinner is only 2 weeks away. While our independent judging panel is on the second round of deliberation, we are going to introduce our finalists in each of our 7 award categories. Which one of the stories below most inspired you?




Bridge Consulting is a company on a mission. We empower NGOs and international organisations in China to achieve their long-term goals through strategic and communications advice. We are optimists advocating for social justice, health equity and environmental protection in China and beyond, but we are also down-to-earth, results-driven and politically savvy.

Bridge Consulting worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to create the “Impatient Optimists” WeChat public account, drawing attention to inspiring stories of grassroots activism and social change from around the world, and building a community of like-minded globally-engaged citizens in China.

In the last year we have run articles on topics as diverse as the role of breastfeeding in fighting poverty, efforts to combat malaria by controlling mosquitoes in sub-Saharan Africa, the “toilet revolution” using new technologies to promote sanitation, and the effect of gender stereotypes on young women, curating one of the most compelling mixes of content in Chinese cyberspace.

Crossboundaries is an architecture and design studio which contributes to a vital built environment through architecture, environmental design and urban regeneration. In recent years, Crossboundaries started to utilise its own working space in the areas of community building and teaching as this is strengthening the firm’s corporate social responsibility beliefs.

LIVE WITH LESS by Crossboundaries brings together communities and creates awareness by hosting swapping events, linking different environmental initiatives and offering an open platform of common values. A solid grown network of regular attendants, partners, supporters and volunteers provided the chance of scaling up and expanding LIVE WITH LESS to other locations allowing other host communities to run the event and engage with their own participants.

Gotoco aims to improve cultural understanding and community building across borders through fun, engaging summer projects, as well as our broader education and edutourism programmes. As a social enterprise, Gotoco has arranged for over 1,000 North American and European students to visit China to join their fun, funded and free summer camp and cultural exchange journeys. Gotoco offers this free and funded to international students as part of their social mission to make people-to-people cultural exchange more accessible than it has ever been, and bring innovative education opportunities to Chinese children in the summer holidays, building communities across borders.

Which SME do you think has the most impressive and inspiring project that has gone to the greatest length to foster a sense of community and promote cultural activities in China? 




C2W, founded in 2005, is a British manufacturing & supply chain consultancy providing services in SCM, manufacturing, QC, IP protective assembly, 3PL and product development. At C2W we feel our employees and the local communities are our family, we cannot succeed without them, they’ve welcomed us, and we should help give back wherever we can. CSR is not just important to us, it’s integral to our way of life.

The CTC is an NGO formed by C2W and local partners to help raise funds transparently & bring people together through a large annual music festival, and use them to help underprivileged children most in need throughout the local region, giving back to the community that has welcomed them in.


Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company. Together with Herbalife Nutrition service providers, we are committed to providing solutions to the worldwide problems of poor nutrition and obesity, an aging population, sky-rocketing public healthcare costs and a rise in entrepreneurs of all ages. The Caring for City Beauticians project is a CSR project initially carried out by Herbalife’s service providers in 2013, aiming to unite the strength of SPs across the country to provide a better living condition for sanitation workers with a more standardized, efficient and systematic project model, and to arouse the public’s concern and respect for sanitation workers.

K11 Group was founded in 2008 by renowned entrepreneur Adrian Cheng. The unique concept brand combines art and commerce in commercial and residential real estate. K11 is poised to enrich the new consumers’ daily lives through the power of creativity, culture and innovation. Embracing K11’s core values of  Art • People • Nature, the objective is to create “Silicon Valley of Culture” and usher in a new era of cultural retail. K11 constantly strive to curate the most exquisite cultural experiences and on-going development for its communities, combining K11’s CSR approach into the business model. By 2024, K11 Group will have gained a footprint of 36 projects in nine cities across Greater China.


Click here to view K11 Concepts video


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